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Conference room sound system solution


Intelligent multimedia Conference room sound system It realizes the seamless connection between the digital conference system and the central control system, and integrates the sound reinforcement system, the sound reinforcement system, the sound reinforcement system, the sound reinforcement system, and the sound reinforcement system Conference discussion system Under the control of wireless touch screen, the above subsystems and the whole conference environment are organically integrated into a whole, which realizes the intelligent management of the conference.
The conference room audio and video system can be composed of several or all of the following subsystems:

Sound reinforcement system

The sound effect of the multi-functional conference room should meet the acoustic characteristic index standard of the national hall sound reinforcement system design. On the basis of architectural acoustics, it is necessary to use sound reinforcement equipment for sound effect compensation, mainly to achieve audio signal reduction and amplification. Multimedia display system
Multimedia video system mainly includes projection system, auxiliary liquid crystal display system, physical display system, intelligent electronic whiteboard, etc., to meet the needs of modern information exchange. It can restore and display video signals such as TV, DVD, computer, camera ball, video recorder and remote conference image.

Conference discussion system

It mainly includes conference system host, chairman unit and seat unit. Through the conference discussion system, it can meet the needs of many conference speakers, ensure that each speaker is very convenient and convenient for meeting management. It can realize multiple conference discussion modes, such as giving priority to speaking, applying for speaking, speaking in turn, queuing up to speak, controlling the right to speak and so on.

Automatic tracking camera system

The automatic tracking camera system can provide high-quality video signal resources for the conference. It can quickly and accurately shoot the speaker through digital close-up without any one. The collected video signal is output to display system and remote video conference system.

voting system

The voting function is added to each device of the conference discussion system, which is used for election and voting meeting. Its main function is to confirm the identity of the representatives, let the delegates vote, display the agenda, background information and voting results.

Simultaneous interpretation system

It is used for international meetings and exchanges. In the process of using multi lingual representatives to hold a meeting together, when the representatives of any language speak, they will be translated into other languages by simultaneous translators, and then sent to each representative through the language distribution system, so that they can choose the language they understand and achieve the goal of multilingual communication.

Remote video conference system

The participants can see each other in real-time and video communication system in the same place, just like the video transmission system in the same place.

Central control system

The central control system integrates lighting, machinery, projection and audio-visual control means into one, providing users with simple and direct control scheme, so that users can easily master the whole space environment hi-fi equipment State and function of. The system can adopt centralized control mode for various audio and video equipment and lighting, electric curtain, electric projection screen, electric lifting hanger and other equipment in conference room, so as to facilitate operation and use. It includes the opening and closing of digital conference speech and discussion equipment; the rotation of camera ball and lens control; the opening and closing of sound system in conference hall; the opening and closing of projector and LCD in conference hall; the switching and selection of video matrix; the light and shade adjustment of lighting in conference hall; the lifting control of liquid crystal display, etc.

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