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The purchase factors of video conference camera

Because most ordinary users don't know about it, and there are many brands of conference cameras in the market, many users are at a loss. How to purchase the products that are suitable for them? Users should start from the following points:

1. Resolution

Resolution is the ability of the camera to analyze and identify images. It has a direct impact on the effect of the image. Resolution can be generally divided into photographic resolution and video resolution, that is, the resolution of static picture capture and the resolution of dynamic picture capture. In the practical application of video conference, the resolution of photo is higher than that of video.

The types of resolutions that video conference cameras on the market can give are also different. Therefore, it should be noted when purchasing that some resolution marks refer to the interpolation resolution that these products can achieve by using software, but there is still a certain gap compared with the hardware resolution.

2. Pixels

Pixel value is not only an important index to affect the quality of video conference camera, but also an important symbol to judge its advantages and disadvantages. The pixel value of the early products is generally around 100000. Due to the low technical content, it is now on the edge of elimination. Users should pay attention to it when purchasing. But it is not necessary to blindly consider the pixel value. Because the higher the pixel value of the product, the stronger the ability of image analysis, the higher the ability of data processing of computer.

If the computer configuration is not high enough, it will cause the delay of the picture, thus affecting the transmission of the video conference. Therefore, users should consider their own equipment when choosing products, and do not blindly pursue the trend.

3. Lens

Lens is an important part of video conference camera. At present, the sensor of video conference camera in the market can be divided into CCD and CMOS. The advantage of CMOS is that the manufacturing cost is lower than that of CCD, and the power consumption is much lower. However, due to the immature application technology, it has not been widely used, but most people in the industry think that it is the trend in the future.

At present, the size of CCD components is mostly 1 / 3 inch or 1 / 4 inch. Under the same resolution, it is better to choose the larger size of CCD components.

Because the video stream effect of analog camera is much lower than that of CCD camera, users should not choose analog camera cheaply in order to avoid the loss of useless goods.

4. Interface

High data transmission is not possible without USB interface. However, there will be a lot of data transmission in the actual use of video conference cameras, which users should pay attention to when purchasing. The high speed of USB data transmission determines the application of video conference camera. USB data high-speed transmission breaks the bottleneck of large amount of image file data transmission, makes the computer receive data more quickly, and makes the dynamic image broadcast effect more smooth and smooth, which is very important to the conference effect.

In addition, USB port products have been widely accepted by the majority of computer users for plug and play, easy to use. The video conference camera adopts USB interface, which is convenient for hardware detection and installation.

5. Transmission bandwidth

At present, HD is the main trend of video conference promotion. However, it should be noted that in order to achieve high-definition effect, it needs the cooperation of the whole HD equipment. It is not enough to configure HD cameras and HD real terminals, and network bandwidth is also one of the important factors.

Therefore, users should take full account of their bandwidth when choosing HD. If the bandwidth is not enough to support HD propagation, packet loss will occur, which will affect the conference effect. SDD or HD should be used according to the actual situation, not blindly pursue the trend.



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