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The company is a large-scale system integration engineering company specializing in the production and sales of audio, lighting, video and stage machinery products, and providing professional audio and video solutions. At the same time, we provide professional engineering consulting, system integration design, technical support and product after-sales services.

Company We have professional acoustic research and design personnel, experienced construction team and efficient after-sales service team. Can provide customers with professional system design, standardized construction, the whole process of technical support and reliable quality assurance.


Company Mainly undertake stadium, theater, multi-function hall, conference room, lecture hall, hotel, nightclub, KTV private room, cinema, exhibition hall, background music, TV station, performance and other audio, lighting and video system engineering. The project covers national government agencies, large state-owned enterprises, national stadiums and stadiums, key universities, star hotels, large entertainment places, etc. It has been highly recognized by experts in the industry and unanimously praised by customers.


? The company's philosophy is "promise what we can do, do what we promise", always provide customers with the best quality products and services, constantly innovate in technology, constantly improve service, meet challenges and forge ahead!



Company main: conference room sound system engineering, stage lighting sound engineering, karaoke sound

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