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"90 level conference room audio system" solution

Project overview
Conference room sound system. The conference room is 10m long, 9m wide and covers an area of 90 square meters. The design orientation is practical and multifunctional conference hall. It is used for holding various important meetings, reports, etc.
Design scope
Sound system
The system adopts the combination of digital audio processor and mixer, and can adjust the combination of equipment freely according to different use modes to achieve different effects. The use process is simple and does not require professional audio personnel to operate. All operation modes are pre debugged and programmed in the audio processor. When using, you only need to switch the mode button on the audio processor. It greatly simplifies the workload of the operators, and is easy to use, so it is not easy to make mistakes in operation, so as to ensure the reliability and convenience of use.
Selection principle of system equipment
In the selection of system equipment, the following measures should be taken:
Select international well-known equipment, manufacturers and agents with strong strength and absolutely excellent technical support ability to ensure the realization of design indexes and the reliability of system work.
Select the product model with the most mature technology, advanced performance and reliable use among similar products to ensure the advancement and maturity of equipment and system.
Select highly intelligent and high-tech products, establish an open architecture of the system, and take standardization and modularization as the design requirements, which not only facilitates the management and maintenance of the system, but also maintains the advanced nature of the system for a long time.
Conference sound reinforcement system
Overview of design ideas
The conference is based on high quality audio service. The audio amplifying system of this conference room needs to replay the audio signals of language, music and other audio-visual materials. In the design, the distribution of loudspeakers, the uniformity of sound pressure coverage and the mutual signal exchange of the system should be considered. All kinds of audio signals can be replayed clearly without turbidity. With the development of digital technology, we combine the traditional technology with the advanced digital technology, make full use of the representative core digital products, make the whole sound reinforcement system integrated, and truly create a scientific audio system with convenient operation and advanced and stable performance.
Speaker 3D multi view

Ease 4.3 analog acoustic design
Ease 4.3 is a professional audio design software which is established in architectural acoustics and guides the design and installation of acoustic engineering after years of R & D by RH company of Germany.
It can simulate the shape, surface material, performance area and audience area of the building sound field to maximize the simulation of reverberation field. By using different types of horns and adjusting the installation height and angle of the horn, it can achieve good sound field coverage in each area, and provide guidance and data for architectural acoustic design.
The software can simulate the sound pressure distribution map of different frequency points, the relationship between reverberation time and frequency, loudspeaker pointing diagram, speech clarity and speech fast transfer index. So that the configuration of the system is more scientific, the original complex manual calculation becomes very fast, and successfully solves the three-dimensional and continuity problems in acoustic calculation, which has a strong guiding role in both design and installation.
Ease 4.3 analog acoustic design
125Hz, maximum sound pressure level: 106.08 dB, minimum sound pressure level: 102.18 dB, uniformity: 3.9 dB

Ease 4.3 analog acoustic design
250 Hz, the maximum sound pressure level: 102.53db, the minimum sound pressure level: 98.85db, uniformity: 3.68db.

Ease 4.3 analog acoustic design
At 500Hz, the maximum sound pressure level is 99.20db, the minimum sound pressure level is 96.38db, and the uniformity is 2.82db.

3.3 acoustic simulation of ease
1000 Hz, the maximum sound pressure level: 99.12db, the minimum sound pressure level: 95.14db, uniformity: 3.98db.

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