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Baichanglong remote audio-visual center control sv-3500, multimedia central control, audio-visual platform equipment

Baichanglong remote audio-visual center control sv-3500, multimedia central control, audio-visual platform equipment

Functional features

--The standard configuration is 55 key LCD dual color display control panel;

--Embedded infrared learning function, no need to configure professional learners, easier to use and more reliable storage;

--One key linkage control and management function is adopted;

--6 independent programmable infrared transmitting interface;

--Built in 2-way microphone input with karaoke reverberation function;

--Built in projector bulb detection delay circuit to realize electric screen linkage and complete protection of projector;

--Built in 6 2 video matrix switching, with preview function, video bandwidth up to 100MHz;

--Built in 8 2 audio matrix switching;

--Built in 3 2 VGA signal switching, 400MHz long line driver, 2 channels of computer audio input;

--Built in electric screen, projector delay power supply and equipment power control;

--Two independent programmable RS-232 control interfaces can be used to control the projector by 232 code, and the third-party communication equipment can be extended;

--Built in 2 professional digital volume and tone control modules;

--Luxury C + + version control software, fully support Windows 9x / 2000 / XP / NT operating system;

--Built in RS-232 control codes for various projectors;

--It can import and export the equipment infrared code, which is convenient for saving and batch installation;

--The sv-3800 has built-in video to VGA progressive scanning conversion module. The projector does not need to be switched to ensure the projection conversion signal

It does not flicker;

--High quality, mass production, high compatibility and stability, high cost performance. Video conference system -- providing network video conference solution and rental service
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